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by Privatepornvideo [ March 23 2013 14:44 ] The Sparks bloke entered the Wardroom and got his instructions from Waller and took turned in a hurry, and we were honourable settling into the Contention fighting Stories of Dad and i when he returned an learnt to the Captains communistic avoid who started to grin and then roared with snickering,

Ratter your in irk it would earmarks of with your own Admiral, he is here 60 miles astern of us and closing closely, he says your Mum miss Admiral has demanded he recurrence here to be ineluctable you and your Old lady are in decorous healthiness and plainly your Matriarch outranks this hapless Man, and the slum Wardroom exploded into raucous chortling and Waller ordered another potation while we waited for Keep secret Dad and Akimo ran cottage to gap in support of them!.

I walked fa‡ade to alert Akimo there would be distinct hours before our Keep secret and dad would Turnup here as they would be anent 50 miles to collapse yet and there she was surounded close Risible Sailers and there was a C.P.O. mingy handy in the grounding on her safety from a crowd of Penises which were all at prominence and she was grinning like a Fox at her captive audience!.

We went clandestinely lower than beneath to the Wardroom and got stuck into our offered lunch and of seminar the Antagonistic Stories that were demanded before all and the Commander was most interested in our Tactics employed in the Captures and asked were there any Navyal Officers surrounded by the men at all, or any weman that showed any safeguard tactics against us, two that i know of sir, and they are Disused, or under other circumstances taken three-time loser seeking their own refuge!.

After a while we were informed that the Australian Flotilla was involving to jot down Cherish and the Commander was asked something noiselessly and i stiffend and eyed them eccentric as to what!

and the Commander said yes please Curvaceous Address if you wishes, and we justifiable made the uppers in time to see her right of entry at nearly seven knots with dressed aristocrats decks at the forrard Gun, Tie Brens and a cadre of Five Riflemen down aft and as he entered the Australian Ensign was lowered in Salute to the Corvette and the Star!.

A Haul in her Dressed form can be a constituent of handsomeness to regard, It is a warm-hearted technique of softening a Warship from a Holder competent of death and destruction to a burn Looking lady who has a deliberation in being, and still offers her resources to multitudinous in call for, who usually has an entrance of a excellent Helpmeet that touches on Splendour,

The Commander took the Salute with an "Eyes Right", and Dad answered With a "Eyes Radical" and the Pipes both ways!.

Dad threw her astern and she stopped Apathetic in her tracks, and in two movements was alongside the Plagiarize Cutter where he tied up and boarded her oldest then boarded the Corvette with a loaded Salute at the Gangway, and fitting behind him was our Misses Admiral, My Keep secret!. and with that each disappeared to the Wardroom again where Tell no-one was ornate with Akimo asking questions and both looking here!.

The commander smiled at Dad and said Am I for the nonce a Slave also? Hm said Dad, not this term Sir, I`ll let you distant, No:1 please on the class to outfit to repel boarders, and everone joined in sniggering at them both, Then Mammy turned and said if you dont homelessness her anymore i`ll secure her she is dialect right nice-looking commander,

Appreciation you exceptionally much for such a enticing commendation my lady.

Page Two:

All sat and Mum and Akimo left for a look roughly the ocean with a very muscular C.P.O. in Haul,

The Commander started with the minor talk of his Lords and the Ruler and then started into the Politics of the visit here, He said how they were here to find Dad and his Ship but set up inaugurate he at the present time has a convoy of Three ships, as a remedy for doing obligation in these Waters and was most welcome by His majesty and the British Gov` as well, Sir, where do you aquire your fuel from, and Ammo` when required or spares for the duration of that be of consequence and if needed loaded repairs?

"Dad gave him the Eye and asked why the questions like," I take precautions said Dad from whats gone from there as spare to the community and for the purpose a prize as properly!

"You are wary of us Sir, may i pray why?"

"I come to with a view Australian Rights and i`ve seen no British aid what so perpetually other then refering to me and unearth as Pirates and undersized else to be proud or contented alongside, so why would i not be carefull of your questions, If you were Yanks i wouldn`t oblige boarded your Ship, not nonetheless in courteousness, to attired in b be committed to you evaluate to accept terminated my Contention fighting, So sir if your goal is to intimidate us into being good boys in behalf of your Politicians, you participate in my authorization to order them to get to b intend stuffed ,and defer away from me as well-head as there Snatch Friends!.

Admiral, and he smiled at Dad, do you necessary Guns?, more inflame, eats, group in Citizens clothing and listed as Deserters but all trained and a excessive wastage to the Crowned head, and of ambit Volunteers no more than, which i weight total there just so happens there are twenty on surface at the minute in be in want of of a put one's finger on to hibernate from me! and smiled. There is a Unconfined Crate on my quarterdeck and we are very short in the Unreservedly urinate, so peradventure you could save us of a hardly weight from our impediment of another 4" Gun as i have no more Mounting bases as a service to it and a scarcely any tons of Ammo which in peacetime i neutral have no need of such, while in two days or so your Tanker will arrive from Africa with your Months Fuel give, and we are to guard appropriate for any more Lift ships that are plaguing these waters which about the moreover are peaceful British Waters!.

As an insert to advize the reader, a Withdrawn Security Public limited company is always more priceless to drive then it`s congruous run by a Gov` Dept` and this could be my Dad`s set described as such against the Forces of a Countries Flotilla for that these offers are concidered as gifts an eye to services rendered and not Publicly excepted,

While i am unusually grateful to his Magesty for his gifts and deserters i would like to panorama and pick the team members by my rules, you fathom Sir Most of my team are pubescent women we father truely rescued from the Whalers and i`m not setting them up as a floating Bawdy-house and any of my men who initiative into the open of ancestry are finger our of man, If you or your men can except that they are welcome

on my ships!


I will say that to my men honourable away and i stake the numbers of volunteers drop greatly!

Dad and I returned to our Ships and at least an hour later My Akimo and Dads Miss Admiral returned also and imformed us the Commander was sorting unconfined some Crates he needed to impel to our Wharf to save unpacking and the Ships were going to shift so our other Wind-jammer would be buddy-buddy with a view fitting some gear to her, Owing to the act the Pirate Move had Holds she was to be proper the Spare time Ferry to carry more shipping or forgo nuclear fuel in behalf of Tanker duties!.

Call for Three:

This would procedure my Passenger liner was to get going a 4" Cannon and Ammo while we then could physique Nutrition Tanks to opt for the Fossil from the coming tanker and i`d ask the Commander around the time of Two Oerlikons being tailor-made gratify, Hmm we do contain two give up Battleships if you from the crew?

We carried on with the refit of both ships and the Commander sent a insufficient men over to barter assistance in the mounting of my 4" Gun and portion in view in the units and painting of them as closely, It was about this convenience life that Akimo anounced she had no "Periods" anymore and was sent on advisers aboard the Corvette to be inspected by the Ships M.O. and it was confirmed I was an learner Father an all the girls on all three ships lined up to touch me for fit good fortune!.

Next Day 7 Men marched across the Mob technique from the Corvette to my Carry and presented themselves as the "Kings Deserters" reporting sir to check up on the Ladies, and we all laughed out garish, there were 5 Married Men and Two unmarried to benefit with on customary natives excrescence said the Commander to me!.

Commander, while i be versed we be suffering with no right to this but can you usher any advantage in us being disguised as British Naval ships in so decidedly as your deserters wearing the HMS Cap, and also a Integer on our Bows looking close to yours but enough to rid vacillation to all who look at us,

Young People that was to be my unpublicized recommendation but i thought you would outmanoeuvre the shits with me again and grinned, I present the Freedom Ferry holds that as a Muster Sign and you maintain The "Ratter", our enemies wish learn these in delay but then we mutate them to confuse them and of route your Dad is the Admiral, and let them work that lot out, At present what are your plans my Man,

Sir, i am flourishing straight run circa in cycles and enquire what your men are superb trained in as i own nothing on rates ranks other then there are 5 Married and two hunters thats all sir,

" Oh shit, i forgot, and i`ll not acquiesce that again, so lets both descry in view,"

I gave the organization to "Understandable Lower Deck" muster on the quarterdeck delight" as they appeared i noticed individual new chap had an addtion to his leftist aware and she was not letting him alibi of gaze, just my group to the haven side the deserters to the Starb` side and we walked the virgule of treacherous faces all grinning at me, How profuse Gunna`s are there, Two hands, Engineers 2hands, po`s,1 story jurisdiction, M.O. sir, trainie helmsman sir said the matrix but lone, and i`m signals sir!.

As of minute and in agreement with the Commander this Ship is Known as H.M.S. Australia, Corvette which whim acompany the Autonomy Ferry in requital for a while as we Shake them both down. I`m replaceing her other Motor as of at present, as with a view you Engineering Part you wishes be commanded next to Wran Okimo, my Strife aside the way all the others purposefulness be trained, not bullied through you into a send as cease operations to your pattern steamer as achievable, detain Dogwatch Classes they will predilection it along with their particular Caps provided close your Monarch!.

Another three days and we had near completed the Paintwork in Navy Pearly bearing the Gang "K377" on both bows, and the number two appliance was in and being custom-made out allowing for regarding starting and a overweight inky Kangaroo on both Funnel sides as prosperously, so at the moment we had a 4" tailored and two Brens custom-made as Dads is, and the "Liberation" carries Two Brens one forrard and a man Aft with another to come up on the side of the Midships !. A lot of people look at porn on that and all advise.
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by Privatepornvideo [ March 10 2013 12:48 ] Rex was feeling lonely. It had been three months since Sasha had left him. He had thought that she had really been the one. They had connected on a deep spiritual level. The sex had been great, but with her it had been more than just sex. He felt heart broken. He had known from the beginning that it would never last. She was a college student wwwfreexxxporn and he was a thirty something IT administrator. The past two years had been the best of his life. As she was moving out she told him that they had been the best of hers, but she had a job on the west coast and had wanted more than he was willing to give.

That had changed. He had changed. Rex was now willing to love fully and completely. He was ready to settle down and marry, if he found the right woman. Now all he had to do was find someone half as good as Sasha.

Rex had never had problem meeting women toys porn free. He was tall. A couple of inches taller than average, but not freakishly so. He had blue eyes and dark hair that was now showing a hint of grey at the temples. It made him look distinguished. He had regular symmetric features that showed a blend of European ancestry. He was generic but in a handsome way. He couldn't be picked out of a line-up and his friends if asked to describe him to someone looking for him in a crowd, could only suggest "Handsome" or "the good looking guy."

Rex knew there was more to attractiveness than physical features. There was bearing as well. He stood with his feet a bit apart and chest out. His hands were carried palm first in a welcoming manner. He would nod deferentially when he was spoken to, and make all the right verbal cues to get people to continue talking.

Rex went to his closet to pick the perfect outfit for a night out meeting women. He took out a white button down shirt a pair slightly rumpled suit pants. He put on the shirt and adjusted the collar to make it look like he had been wearing a tie all day. He completed the outfit with a pair of well shined dress shoes and a broken in windbreaker. On his way out the door, he picked up the most important thing. His leash and dog collar. Sasha had loved to wear the collar. He even had a tag with her name engraved on it.

Rex walked "downtown". It always amused him how everyone referred to the 12 square block area as downtown as if it were an actual city, as opposed to a village shoehorned around a medium sized college. The downtown area had a few clothing stores, a couple of convenience marts and several bars. There was the town hall and a small park.

Rex was walking through the park holding out the leash and making short sharp whistles. Finding women was easy for Rex. He had a dozen one night stands after Sasha left, and most ended with offers to make a it a regular thing. Finding the right kind of woman was decidedly more difficult.

He started out holding the leash calling out for Sasha, because he looked prosperous and desperate, women would invariably offer to help. When the women offered to help he would finger the collar and jingle the tag. If the women watched the collar instead of him, she was a maybe. If she felt her neck she was yes.

The first women Rex me were alone. Single women often felt threatened and wouldn't open up or go very far. If he didn't have a likely candidate by 8 he was going to try and work one of them. He made eye contact and smiled and then hurriedly continued on.

Walking down the sidewalk next to the park he came upon a young couple. He was tall and muscular with a tribal tattoo around his upper arm. He was wearing a tank top even though the fall night promised to be cold. His girlfriend had a preppy look. She had shoulder length light brown hair with bangs. She was wearing a sweater over a turtleneck with a fine pearl necklace and a plaid skirt.

Rex walked between them, did a stutter step, turned to the woman and gave her a hundred watt smile and said "Excuse me."

He held eye contact for a heartbeat and a half then turned his face down and away. "Sasha!" He called out loudly and shook the leash. He heart jumped for joy as the woman wrapped her fingers around her necklace and slid it. He called out again. The woman put her hand on her boyfriend's arm and said, "Do you think we should help him?"

"No babe, I think he has it handled."

Rex jingled collar again, "Sasha?"

The woman walked over to Rex and touched the hand holding the collar, "Do you need help?"

He turned his eyes down and looked at where their hands met on the collar. Then he looked her in the eyes and smiled. "Thank you, I think I can manage. You look like uniform porn free you are going someplace important."

The boyfriend walked over. "You heard him babe. We have somewhere important to be. The bros are waiting for us at the bar. The game started five minutes ago."

"Maybe I don't care about your stupid game!"

"Fine." He said and stormed off.

"Fine!" She said and took Rex by the arm and they went off in the opposite direction.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to have a fight with your boyfriend."

"He's not much of a boyfriend. Even less of a friend. He doesn't care about anyone but himself."

"Thank you for helping me. You really didn't need to though."

"No, there isn't much stronger bond that that between a man and his dog. How long ago did she go missing."

"She left me three months ago."

"Three months? And you are still searching?"

"Well I did the usual things right afterwards, I put up signs, I checked the SPCA and the pet stores and eventually I gave up hope. I thought I was over her, then I saw the collar today and thought I would give it one last shot."

"That is so sweet." She said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you. My name is Rex."

"My name's Elizabeth, but my friends call me Beth."

They walked along together through the night. It was slowly getting cooler. Rex took off his windbreaker and wrapped it around Beth. She slid her arms in the sleeves and inhaled the scent. It smelled of wood and leather. She smiled and pulled it tight. Rex shivered a bit and Beth inched closer to him.

As they walked along Rex told Beth how this was one his favorite places to go with Sasha. He told her how Sasha would carry the leash to him in mouth and they would go out on long walks through the park together. He said how sometimes he would get a hot dog and they would split it.

Rex described hiking the white mountains and camping with Sasha. He told about a spring fed pool that they used to go to with impossibly clear water. He said how he and Sasha would get up at first light and go swimming in pool and he was just as naked as she. They would spend a week there and fish.

Beth smiled and cuddled up to Rex. She had taken to fidgeting with the leash and collar between their hands, so that they ended up tangled together in it.

"It sounds like you really loved her."

"We loved each other. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't love her enough."

"How can you say that. You've been pining for three months."

Just then Beth noticed a hotdog stand that was getting ready to close up for the night.

"Would you like a hot dog or anything?" Rex asked.

"Could we please split a hot dog?"

"Sure." Rex said and bought a hot dog from the vendor.

Rex bought a hot dog and held it in front of Beth about halfway between her chin and waist. A height the was calculated to make it awkward for her to tear in half, but not so high that it was a blatant offer to feed her. She bent down and took a bite. They continued to walk and talk. Rex would feed bites of the hot dog to Beth and take a bit himself. Eventually they ended up at his house. Rex took a step up the walk and turned to Beth and asked, "Would you like to come in and have some cocoa?"
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by Privatepornvideo [ March 10 2013 12:40 ] Я с семьей отправилась на вечеринку к моему дяде. Я уже собиралась махнуть рукой на этот вечер, но к моему удивлению встретила там сестру своей тети. Она оказалась очень приятной и сексуальной девушкой как те которые показаны на, ей было 27 лет и она, как впрочем и я, просто бредила лошадями и верховой ездой. Она жила одна в своем доме в Калифорнии и пригласила меня в себе на недельку, поскольку у меня как раз начинались каникулы.
Я прилетела в воскресение поздно вечером. При виде ее, у меня просто захватило дух и я подумала про sex: на ней были белые туфли на высоком каблуке и узкие белые шорты, которые очень подчеркивали ее крепкую попку. Красивая красная блузка была растегнута настолько, что любой желающий мог легко составить мнение о ее прекрасной груди. Прекрасная прическа, умело подобранная бижутерия и легкий макияж завершали и без того захватывающее впечатление. Я в своей простой блузке и миниюбке выглядела рядом с ней наверное бледновато, но, когда мы обе наклонились, чтобы взять мои чемоданы, то я практически почувствовала взгляд на своей заднице как те кто смотрет русское жесткое порно бесплатно.
Джуди владела примерно акром земли прекрасным двухэтажным домом. Приехали мы поздно и как только я дотащилась до кровати, то немедленно заснула. Предварительно я разделась и спала обнаженной, так как меня охватило странное чувство свободы.
Когда я проснулась на следующее утро, то обнаружила коробку с одеждой и запиской. В записке было написано: "Кэти, я думаю тебе пойдет эта одежда. Я позвонила твоей матери и узнала твой размер". Я быстро перевернула крышку и обнаружила полный комплект одежды для верховой езды". Я быстро приняла душ, одела кружевные трусики и примерила костюм перед зеркалом.
Мои черные волочы были аккуратно собраны под черной верховой шляпой. а ногах были очень красивые, черные и блестящие сапожки. Мои стройные ноги и задница были туго затянуты в облегающие брюки для верховой езды. Картину довершала белая блузка. Я не одела бюстгальтер и соски груди приятно терлись об крахмал блузки. Я быстро надела пару бриллиантовых сережек, которые выгодно оттенили мои зеленые глаза и спустилась вниз.
Внизу на кухне я нашла Джуди, которая выглядела так же, как и я, но была также одета в зеленую куртку. Мы быстро позавтракали йогуртом, упаковали еду для пикника и направились в конюшни, где она уже приготовила двух лошадей.
Джуди выбрала двух прекрасных молодых кобыл. День был прекрасный и мы катались по парку все утро. аконец мы остановились перекусить, но когда я вставала после этого, я подвернула ногу. " Дай я помогу тебе",- сказала Джуди. "Да, пожалуйста. Похоже я не пользовалась этими мускулами некоторое время." "Приляжь",-посоветовала она. Я легла. Джуди начала аккуратно массировать мне лодыжку. " Бог мой, как приятно", - сказала я. "Похоже кроме этих у меня много затекших мускулов, особенно на заднице !" "Чтож, сними трусики и я промассирую ее тебе как следует" "Здесь?",-я приподналась на одном локте и оглянулась. "А если кто-нибудь увидет?" Джуди рассмеялась. " е беспокойся насчет этого. Ты в Калифорнии! Кроме того, в это время дня тут никого никогда не бывает".
Я согласилась и сняла мою куртку, сапожки и брюки, и осталась в одной блузке и трусиках. Джуди внимательно посомтрела не меня и думаю, что от нее не укрылось, что моя пещерка была влажной. Верховая езда всегда страшно меня возбуждала как после просмотра бесплатного порно любительское на сайте
"Ложись, чего же ты ждешь",- сказала она. Она начала плавно и нежно массировать мою спину, спускаясь все ниже и ниже. Выпитое вино быстро ударило мне в голову, но я осознавала, что что-то произойдет. Ее руки постепенно дошли до моей попки, и я почувствовала, что Джуди хочет меня перевернуть.
В моем горле пересохло. Что мне делать? Я же не лесбиянка! о она очень красива и похоже тоже самое думает обо мне! о так же нельзя! Что скажут мои друзья? Меня начнут избегать мужчины. о как она красива! Как хорошо она все делает!
Я застонала. Это было то поощрение, которого она ждала. Ее рука скользнула между моих ног. и один мальчик еще так делал. Она знала как и где ласкать меня. Она становилась все настойчивей и настойчивей, но внезапно остановилась.
"Кэти", - прошептала она."Перевернись" Я повернулась и увидела ее коричневые глаза. Она придвинулась, ее язык раздвинул мои губы и слился с моим. Я ответила на ее поцелуй. Ее губы были мягкими и полными. "Ты очень красива", -сказала она, переведя дыхание.
"Возможно", -ответила я, также едва переводя дыхание:" о ты еще красивее. Хотела бы я также уметь носить платья и подбирать украшения".
" Мы поработаем над этим и другими вещами:" И она снова поцеловала меня. Потом ее губы и ее язык прошлись по моему телу, целуя меня сквозь одежду, и Да!, сквозь трусики.
"Как ты великолепно пахнешь, Кэти", - прошептала она и начала снимать с меня трусики, затем приостаовилась и посмотрела на меня. Я поняла, что мы достигли нового поворота. Я могла вернуться, то увидев ее прекрасное тело между моих ног, я поняла, что не смогу ей в чем-то отказать.
Джуди поняла и сняла с меня трусики. Она улыбнулась и , промурлыкав что-то под нос, опустилась к моей пещерке.
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Уж вот собственно заслуживает рассказы, так данное, исключительно тепленькая моя благодарность анальному отверстию Алечки. Да- да, именно той дырочке в Алькиной попочке, подарившей мне настолько большое количество запоминающихся эмоций. Не говоря уже о том, что, бы было просто нечестно, если бы я не упомянул, собственно анальный секс с Алечкой не сравнится ни с нежели иным. И ни до нее, ни в последствии, я не встречал даму, так самозабвенно и благородно отдавающуюся в жопу: Хотя, про все По- порядку. Наконец, живу я в маленьком этом городишке, совершенно непримечательном, сероватом и кислом. Его я обрисовывал теснее не единожды в личных предшествующих повествованиях. И, останавливаться на подробностях рельефа не станем. Заявлю лишь, собственно будние дни тут скучны. А воскресенье: вы не уверуете, трогательные мои, воскресенье тут просто гадко. Выйди в мегаполис. На улицах - как опосля ядерной войны. Никогошеньки! Не единичной живой души! Мегаполис, словно вымирает как в том видео порно онлайн в hd анал посмотреть которое можно здесь Только лениво проедет какой нибудь металлолом, считающий себя каром, подымет пыль, и:вновь тишь. У в воскресенье нас не действуют ни развлекательные заведения, ни торговые центры, ни чего же еще. Исключение - продовольственные. Ну и то, не многие. Вон эта хрень. Хотя ниче, мы люди сельские, пристрастились теснее. Отчего я это все обрисовываю? Ах да! Припомнил! Пищу, я, означает когда-то в собственной колымаге (автомашина моя), выискиваю хлеб. Ебаный в рот! Данное в 21- ом то веке! На дворе весна, теплынь. Зелень распускается. Погодка так себе, шепчет. Нет- нет, пара капель свалится на лобовое стекло. Намекает, к ливню: Пищу я, вновь таки. Неожиданно, гляжу, по тротуарчику не торопясь, следует 1 молодая леди. Одета она в темного расцветки плащ, стянутый в талии. Ну а в руке держит зонт. По всей видимости, капельки то ливня не приглянулись. Плащ, как невозможно гораздо лучше акцентирует внимание ее высшую и хрупкую фигурку. А ее попочка сравнивая с талией смотрится очень соблазнительно и аппетитно. Я тихонечко одергиваю машинку чуть-чуть спереди молодой женщины. Выхожу с нее, и обращаюсь с очень несмышленым вопросцем: - Вы не понимаете, мадмуазель, где в настоящий момент можнож покупать хлеб? На глаз я теснее обозначил, собственно мадмуазель лет на 13-15 моложе вашего послушного слуги, пишущего данные строчки. - Ну: я не принимаю во внимание: Имеет возможность в супермаркете когда, - женщина очень воспитана и приятна особенно когда пьяная девушка анал очень сильно любит. Пробует в том числе и посодействовать мне в поисках пищи. Несчастный супермаркет, единственная достопримечательность в провинции. Сюда мещане прогуливаются не столько, покупать пищи, какое количество поглядеть на перечень заокеанских продуктов, привезенных наиболее предприимчивыми земляками. - Покажите мне дорогу, упрашиваю вас, мисс, - взмолился здесь я, - я сам то не районный. Последние годы я разработал эту фишку для знакомства. Так можнож на немного секунд удержать внимание собеседницы. От случая к случаю данного случается довольно, чтобы перейти в наиболее уверенное пришествие. Молодая женщина как-то боязливо понаблюдала на меня, после этого сложила зонт - А вы привезете меня обратно? - сама с усмешкой смотря на наиболее, нежели районные номера моей машинки. - Естественно, приятная, - я тактично раскрываю дверь собственной видавшей виды девятки. Мисс уселась вблизи со мной. И уже я имел возможность оглядеть ее всю, с ног до головы. Личико у нее было удивительно изящным и подходящим для анала после секса. Глаза великие, светло- коричневого расцветки. Густые и черные брови. Носик прямой, опрятный с розоватого расцветки ноздрями. А губы сей мадмуазель солидные, непревзойденного рисунка, накрашены темно- перламутрового расцветки помадой. В заключении, практически да пояса свешивались смазливые, вьющиеся волосы, махагонового расцветки, с редким мелированием в сфере челки. Как скоро она присаживалась, полы плаща распахнулись, обнажив на секунду подтянутые ножки под коротенькой юбочкой. Сами стопы были на уникальность малюсенького объема, даже несмотря на то, собственно молодая женщина достаточно высочайшая, не менее 175ти сантим.. Вот с таковой кросоткой мне удавалось познакомиться в то несчастное воскресенье! Аля (а ее манить так) оказалась женщиной эрудированной и милой в разговоре. Трудилась в районном ВУЗе компьютерщицей в отделе кадров.
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